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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clarky's Closeouts ship?


Do I have to be a member to purchase items from Clarky's Closeouts?

- No, you do not have to be a member to purchase items from Clarky's Closeouts. But If you are not a member now is the time to join, its free and you can take advantage of the following benefits.

*Get notified as soon as new inventory arrives?

*Get notified when I have clearance sales?

*Save an additional 20% Off of Clarky's Closeout Price. (NOT CLEARANCE PRICE)

*Send detailed email requests for specific items

Is Clarky's Closeouts inventory New or Used?

- All items are **NEW**, still in the manufacturers box and unopened unless otherwise stated. Although I try to inventory all new items I do come across some preowned items. All preowned items are marked accordingly.

Where does Clarky's Closeouts building materials come from?

- I try to focus on store closings. When a store closes or goes out of business I try to buy out the remaining inventory. The only downfall is I have to compete against other bidders who own retail stores.Retail store owners will pay up to 4 to 10 times what I will because they sell it for retail. I also buy overstock inventory, store closeouts , liquidations sales and some auctions. I do NOT order any items it is all hit or miss, so make sure you take advantage of the "inventory update" emails.

How often does inventory come in?

- I try to bring new inventory as often as possible. Inventory might come in 4 or 5 times a month or once a month. As a member of you will recieve an automatic email as soon as a new inventory arrives. When you get that email please check quickly, due to new members registering on daily basis. Inventory goes quicker than you think.

Is everything you have on the website?

- No, Clarky's Closeouts inventory changes daily. Due to inventory arriving more frequently, we try and update our inventory as quick as we can. Please call (330)984-7533 for any additional questions. You may also become a member on our website and receive weekly updates.

How do I benefit by registering as a member of Clarky's Closeouts?

  • Registratiion is currently FREE and as a registered member of Clarky's Closeouts you will:

  • Get notified as soon as new inventory arrives?

  • Get notified when I have clearance sales?

  • Save an additional 20% off of Clarkys Closeout price. (NOT CLEARANCE PRICE)

  • Send detailed email requests for specific items? 

Please read our "Privacy Policy".

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