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Return Policy

Please see "Terms of service.

All items at Clarky's Closeouts are new and still in the box unless otherwise stated. All items are inspected by a Clarky's Closeout employee with the customer before leaving the premises, and are free from defects or damage and carry a non-returnable, non-refundable policy. If an item is purchased online through ( it also carries a non-returnable, non-refundable policy and immediately becomes the property of the purchaser upon payment. At the time of purchase the item is no longer the responsibility of Clarky's Closeouts and must be picked up immediately(couple of days) unless otherwise agreed upon with Clarky. If an item is purchased and left abandoned for more than two weeks after agreed pickup date the item will be considered abandoned by the purchaser. At that time the purchaser relinquishes all rights to the said item and it will be resold by Clarky's Closeouts and all proceeds donated to organization of our choice. Once the item is purchased it is no longer the responsibility of Clarky's Closeouts. If an item is purchased online or on site and left for later pickup, Clarky's Closeouts is not responsible for any damage that may occur within that time. Please make sure before you purchase any item from Clarky's Closeouts you have your exact measurements, make sure it will fit, it's the right color and your wife or Husband will like it, because once it has been paid for it is yours. This is a clearance store and like any clearance store or clearance item at a retail store they carry an ALL SALES FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO STORE CREDITS, EVER. Clarky's Closeouts is here to save people money and give 100% customer service so please make sure the item is what you need before you purchase. Clarky likes to see smiles on peoples faces and does not want to have any unhappy customers. PLEASE do not get yourself in a situation to be unhappy. Any questions please see "Terms of Service" or please ask any or all questions before purchasing. Thank you for your understanding, and also your business. Please have a great day!!!

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