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What is B Grade/ Cabin Grade / Shop Grade / Tavern Grade Flooring?‎

B Grade/ Cabin Grade / Shop Grade / Tavern Grade Flooring are alternate terms for "Factory Seconds." It is a very popular and less expensive alternative to the manufacturer's full priced and fully warranted flooring.

B Grade/ Cabin grade, Shop grade, or Tavern grade flooring should produce a very attractive floor, but it's important to keep your expectations realistic. 90% of our customers who order 20% overage on “Factory Seconds” are able to complete their flooring project. The vast majority of our customers are thrilled to get a beautiful finished floor at a fraction of the cost. That doesn't mean that 80% of the flooring is perfect. It means that the material can be installed as a floor and you can finish your project.

Many of our customers think we know what defects are present in these floors. In reality, we purchase “Factory Seconds” sight unseen so we actually have no idea what the specific flaw might be. We do not open the cartons for inspection when they reach our warehouse and they are sold sealed, as is.

Not all planks will have imperfections; some will look perfect while others will have some sort of visible surface flaw, including but not limited to:

  • Color Variation. This includes differences in shade, tone, and y6hue between a “Factory Second” flooring and its corresponding first quality SKU counterpart. This can include both stain color variations and deviations that occur naturally.

  • Natural Hardwood Variation. Hardwood is a natural product. Pinholes, knotholes, mineral streaks, dents, and bark pockets are a few examples of inconsistencies that might be present or more prominent in Cabin/ Shop/ Tavern Grade hardwood.

  • Length Variation. Short boards are just that: shorter than average. They can still be installed and help give “Factory Seconds” a unique look. Short boards should be expected and planned for when purchasing Cabin/ Shop/ Tavern Grade hardwood.

  • Manufacturing Variation. These grade floors are manufactured on the same equipment and production lines as first quality products. These pieces are selected out due to discrepancies in finish quality such as roughness, surface cracks, reduced finish thickness, missing or folded pattern, spots or anything that happens on the manufacturing line that would make any sort of inconsistency before it’s finished.

  • Milling Variation. This includes differences in product thickness, width, edge defects such as bevels and out of square edges, and corner breaks. They may also have inconsistencies in the tongue & groove or locking mechanism.

  • Other visual or physical variations that do not prevent installation or proper use.

We sell these grades of flooring every day. We do our best to explain the risk involved in purchasing cabin grade flooring, and we encourage you to ask questions before purchasing “Factory Seconds”.


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